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  • Tanya Geisler

    Tanya Geisler

    Step into your Starring Role: Leadership Coach, TEDx Speaker on #ImpostorComplex. Book’s coming…soooooon. bit.ly/ImpostorComplex101

  • Cecilia Copeland

    Cecilia Copeland

    Writer, Director & Producing Artistic Director @nymadness, Cat Person.

  • Christi Daniels

    Christi Daniels

    Life Coach leading journeys of self-discovery + soul-nourishment synchronized with 🌙 lunar + seasonal cycles. Currently playing inside the Soul Garden.

  • Andra Picincu

    Andra Picincu

    Digital Marketing Specialist & Copywriter Passionate about Healthy Living — Founder of www.shapeyourenergy.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrapicincu

  • RisingShiningSHE


  • Heidi DeCoux

    Heidi DeCoux

    In love with bright ideas & approaches that allow all to live extraordinary lives.

  • Marie Rickmyer

    Marie Rickmyer

  • Fara G

    Fara G

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